We are a professional services firm with a vision to be the leading organizational influencer.



Organisations require strategy to fulfil their purpose and interact profitably with the market. This requires a careful and deliberate process from design to execution. It also entails managing change in the dynamic world of enterprise. We facilitate the strategy process and engage organisational intellect and energy to devise appropriate strategies for optimal results. In this regard, we also collaborate with strategic teams to measure and monitor specified outcomes with an emphasis on critical follow-through.


Our philosophy of leadership is framed with the statement that “Leadership Is Everyone’s Business.” Leadership is neither a position, a place, a title, a throne or a code which cannot be deciphered. It is an observable set of skills which can be applied and enhanced within organisations. Therefore, we provide support for organisations to develop leaders at all levels and for all times. We help leaders become the very best they can be with a combination of training, coaching, practice and other learning options..



Great organisations have cultures that are supportive of their strategies. This is based on the recognition that culture enhances strategy execution as employees develop organisational habits of success. We facilitate the development of culture frameworks derived from vision, mission, values, and guiding principles and these become thought patterns for action..


Organisations learn through people who learn and business history demonstrates that learning organisations become leading organisations. We design customised modules to engage a mentality of organisational and lifelong individual learning through our unique schools. .



Yet, learning on its own is not as valuable as it should be unless it fuels innovation. Although innovation is often viewed as the domain of creative people, it can be turned into an organisational practice. This implies actively reframing the minds and actions of employees towards innovation. Through instruction and renewed thinking, employees and the organisations they work for have the capacity to convert innovation into a competitive advantage. We facilitate innovation habits and knowledge and help organisations make innovation part of the employees’ daily activities.


Organisations cannot achieve genuine and sustainable success without effective teams. We empower people with knowledge, ideas and activities to improve team spirit, interdependence and social intelligence. The team building activities we facilitate as well as speaking themes such as Anteamology 101 and Lessons from Sports Teams are designed to activate collaborative potential for organisational advantage.